Apostle Jacques v/d Westhuizen

Apostle Jacques Biography

Apostle Jacques is the Senior Pastor and Founder of Revival Worship Centre, situated in the City of Cape Town, South Africa.

He has become well-known in different countries all over the world,which has opened many doors for International Ministry. He returns to certain of these countries annually as a set Conference Speaker.

His Ministry

Apostle Jacques is recognized for being a dynamic preacher with a strong prophetic – healing anointing upon his life. He has a Doctorate of Theology and has become a mentor to many. He believes that the strength of Christianity is the local church. His heartbeat is to see the Church of God and the unsaved touched and transformed by the power of the Holy Ghost.

He moves strongly in the anointing of healing and financial breakthrough. His love and reverence for the Word of God and years of meticulous study have given him a wealth of insight and revelation into the knowledge of the Word of God. He has full confidence in the mandate that God has given him regarding his purpose and calling. Therefore, he is entrusted by many Pastors all over the world to minister behind their pulpits, knowing that the Word he brings carries a great wealth of God-inspired revelation.

God has given him grace and favour among the young and old. He lives and applies the principle of not allowing negative opinions to influence or affect his God-given purpose. He has never been a seeker of man’s approval or popularity. God’s Will and God’s Approval are his ultimate delight.



Well – known and greatly respected as an Evangelist, anointed for Revival. Evangelist Nicky van der Westhuizen Snr. Ignited a fire of Revival in the early 80’s in South Africa.

Apostle Jacques is the youngest son of  the late Evangelist Nicky van der Westhuizen. He travelled all around South Africa and Internationally preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ in miracle crusades and many people were  healed from incurable illnesses.


At the age of 13, the Holy Spirit began to make His presence known to Apostle Jacques in the most real and mesmerising way. The intensity of His presence eventually became so strong that he would spend days and hours praying in his room getting lost in the Presence of God. He studied the Bible and had already completed reading it within three months. He was completely given over to the Holy Spirit.

He didn’t feel to do the normal, social and sporty things that 13-year-old boys do. All he could think of was being at home, in his room, in worship and prayer. He continued separating himself unto God for 4 years. He describes those moments of intimacy with the Holy Spirit as the time that he felt the greatest joy.

As a teenager, he travelled and served his father in ministry for several years and remained very close to him. His father spent many days and hours mentoring and teaching him valuable lessons of ministry and the meaning of having a true relationship with the Holy Spirit. The late Nicky van der Westhuizen Snr was not only his natural father but also his spiritual father and mentor.

At age 17 he met his wife, Maria Hayward (who was an up and coming Gospel Singer and Recording Artist). Apostle Jacques still travelled with his father until his father’s life was suddenly cut short due to a fatal car accident in 1993.

Preaching engagements started pouring in and although he was only 18 years old he was a favourite amongst young and old. He started having his own Miracle Crusades in order to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the unsaved. Arenas were packed out with over 4000 people per night. Meetings would sometimes be extended to 3 weeks at a time as people remained hungry for a touch from God. Many miracles and healings took place as people were touched by the Power of God.

In 1998 he was invited to preach at an Easter Conference in Pretoria. What was meant to be two meetings, turned into an eight-month Revival. People flew in from Port Elizabeth, Durban, Cape Town and many different towns in the area. Preachers flew in from America as the news travelled about the Revival. Healings, signs, wonders and miracles were seen during every meeting.

In September 1999, Jacques and Maria were married, and in 2005 God commissioned them to open the doors of Revival Worship Centre. RWC was birthed in a small building which could only host 200 people. After only seven months the building grew too small and they were forced to move to a larger facility that could seat 450 people and after 2 years the building had reached its maximum capacity. Once again, they had to move to the building that they are currently worshiping in, to accommodate the crowds of people flocking to the ministry.





Although the above Biography was written to introduce you to the man…the ultimate and only goal of this ministry is to turn people’s eyes upon Jesus. He deserves the Honour, the Glory and the Praise and our focus remains only on Him…

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